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1.we can never expect ________bluer sky unless we create________ less polluted world.

a.a; a b.a; the

c.the; a d.the; the

2.if you keep on writing, you will have________brighter future, likely to become________j. k. rowling.

a.the; a b.the; the

c.a; a d.a; the

3.today there are more opportunities for disabled people to make ________ contribution to ________ society.

a.a; the b.a; /

c./; the d.the; a

4.being invited to the holy land to take part in the christmas celebrations was a great ________.

a.privilege b.day

c.service d.invitation

5.zte(中兴) nubia z5 mini is empowered with a 13­mega­pixel(百万像素) rare camera with such________as taking panorama images.

a.features b.feathers

c.fictions d.fashions

6.eric didn't feel at ________ease in the party, because he was afraid of losing ________face.

a.the; a b.an; /

c./; the d./; /

7.john worked hard at his lessons and gained ________to a famous university last year.

a.permission b.admission

c.agreement d.freedom

8.some experts say ________ birth rate of chinese, after the one­child policy is relaxed, can see ________ modest increase in future.

a.the; a b.a; a

c.a; / d.the; the

9.nelson mandela, who was elected ________ president of south africa in 1994, is generally regarded as ________ father of the country.

a.the; the b./; the

c./; / d.the; /

10.thanks to________ drama currently on air, my love from the star, korean tv dramas have attracted________ wider audience.

a.the; the b.a; a

c.a; the d.a; /

11.when you get involved in sports, a lot of racial________ are broken down because players developed friendship quickly.

a.barriers b.threats

c.approaches d.hardships

12.although dishonesty seems so common in recent years, people still believe that honesty will not go out of________.

a.style b.order

c.balance d.shape

13.the song take me home, country roads has much ________to people, for few people can avoid getting caught up in its originally real country music.

a.appeal b.access

c.potential d.devotion

14.“to meet people's desire for ________ happy life is our mission,” xi jinping said to the press after he was elected ________general secretary and president.

a.a; a b.the; the

c.a; / d./; the

15.on account of fuel supplies being finite and many people being wasteful, we will have to install ________ solar heating device in our home.

a.some type of a b.some types of a

c.some type of d.some types of

16.the police are trying to find out the ________ of the woman murdered in the bathroom.

a.evidence b.characteristic

c.status d.identity

17.the cctv show chinese characters dictation competition has taken the country by storm, which is partly designed to arouse people's ________ in the chinese language.

a.response b.enthusiasm

c.significance d.consequence

18.with the popularity of ________ cellphone, more and more people are addicted to it and do less and less face­to­face communication, which has become ________ widespread concern.

a.the; a b./; /

c.the; / d.a; the

19.however ________ important school life may be, ________ great influence of parents can't be ignored or discounted by the teacher.

a.an; a b.the; the

c.an; / d./; the

20.this restaurant has become popular for its wide ________ of foods that suit all tastes and pockets.

a.division b.area

c.range d.circle


1.a 考查冠词的用法。句意:我们永远不能期望一个更蓝的天空,除非我们创造一个更少污染的世界。sky,world等表示世界上独一无二的事物的名词前常用定冠词the,但是当sky,world前有形容词修饰时,常表示泛指,需用不定冠词a。故选a项。

2.c 考查冠词的用法。句意:如果你继续写作,你会有一个更加光明的未来,有可能成为另外一个j.k.罗琳。第一空用a泛指“一个光明的未来”;第二空泛指“另外一个j.k.罗琳”。故c正确。

3.b 考查冠词的用法。句意:今天有更多的机会可以让残疾人为社会做贡献。make a contribution是固定搭配,意为“做贡献”;society作“社会”解时,前面不加冠词。

4.a 考查名词词义辨析。句意:被邀请到圣地参加圣诞节的庆祝活动是一种巨大的荣幸。privilege特别优待,荣幸;day日子;service服务;invitation邀请。根据句意可知a项正确。

5.a 考查名词词义辨析。句意:中兴通讯努比亚z5迷你被授权1300万像素具有全景图像特性的罕见相机。feature特征,特性;feather羽毛;fiction小说,虚构的事;fashion时尚。根据句意可知a项正确。

6.d 考查冠词的用法。句意:埃里克在聚会上并不感到放松,因为他害怕丢脸。at ease舒适,快活,自由自在;lose face丢脸。故选d项。

7.b 考查名词词义辨析。句意:约翰学习很努力,去年被一所知名大学录取。permission允许,许可;admission准许进入,承认,坦白,入场费;agreement协议;freedom自由。根据句意可知b项正确。

8.a 考查冠词的用法。句意:在独生子女政策放松后,一些专家说中国的出生率将来可能会经历一次适度的增长。第一空特指“中国的出生率”,用定冠词the;第二空泛指“一次增长”,用不定冠词,故a项正确。

9.b 考查冠词的用法。句意:1994年当选为南非总统的纳尔逊·曼德拉被人普遍认为是南非的“国父”。英语中独一无二的头衔前面一般不用冠词,故第一空不用冠词;第二空名词father后有定语修饰,特指“南非的国父”,用定冠词the,故选b项。

10.b 考查冠词的用法。句意:多亏了最近上映的一部电视剧《来自星星的你》,韩剧吸引了更多的观众。第一空泛指“一部电视剧”,用不定冠词a;第二空表泛指,“a/an 形容词比较级 名词”意为“一个更……的……”,故选b项。

11.a 考查名词词义辨析。句意:当你参加运动的时候,很多种族障碍都被打破,因为选手之间很快就培养了友谊。barrier障碍,屏障,栅栏,分界线;threat威胁,恐吓;approach方法,途径;hardship艰难,困苦。根据句意可知a项正确。

12.a 考查名词词义辨析。句意:尽管近年来不诚信很常见,但是人们仍然相信诚实永远不会过时。out of style过时;out of order次序混乱,紊乱;out of balance失去平衡;out of shape变形。根据句意可知a项正确。

13.a 考查名词词义辨析。句意:《乡村路带我回家》这首歌如此吸引人,因为没有人能避免沉醉于这首原始的真正的乡村音乐中。appeal吸引力,感染力,呼吁,请求;access道路,通路,使用权;potential潜力,可能性;devotion贡献。根据句意可知a项正确。

14.c 考查冠词的用法。句意:习近平在当选总书记和主席后对媒体说:“我们的使命是满足人们对幸福生活的渴望。”第一空泛指“一种幸福的生活”,用不定冠词a;第二空general secretary and president表示独一无二的头衔,故选c项。

15.c 考查some和冠词的用法。句意:因为燃料供应是有限的,而且很多人很浪费,我们将不得不在家里安装某种太阳能供暖设备。这里some意为“某个”,后接单数名词,排除b、d;some type of与名词连用时,名词前不需要加冠词,故选c项。

16.d 考查名词词义辨析。句意:警方正努力查明浴室中被谋杀的女士的身份。evidence证据,证明,迹象;characteristic特征,特性,特色;status地位,重要身份,状态,情形;identity身份,特性。根据句意可知d项正确。

17.b 考查名词词义辨析。句意:中央电视台的节目《汉字听写大赛》已经席卷全国,这一节目部分旨在激发人们对汉语的热情。response反应,回应;enthusiasm热情;significance重要性;consequence结果,后果。根据句意可知b项正确。

18.a 考查冠词的用法。句意:随着手机的流行,越来越多的人们沉溺于手机,面对面的交流越来越少,这已经成为了一个广为担心的问题。第一空指类别,可用定冠词the;第二空名词concern意为“关心,担心”,此处是抽象名词具体化,用不定冠词a,故选a项。

19.d 考查冠词的用法。句意:无论学校的生活多么重要,老师都不能忽视家长的巨大影响。第一空important是形容词,不需要冠词修饰;第二空名词influence后面有定语修饰,表特指,用定冠词the,故选d项。

20.c 考查名词词义辨析。句意:这家餐馆变得出名是由于它做的各种各样的食物适合各种口味和各个阶层。division分隔,隔离;area地区;range(同一种类之中的)一系列;circle圈。a wide range of意为“各种各样的”。根据句意可知c项正确。

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