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小升初会有英语考试和面试,尤其是英语面试,孩子的表现几乎是至关重要的。学大教育为大家整理了一些英文句子赏析,今天我们学习的是flavor of the year赏析。

just walked into the twelfth lunar month, smell the faint smell of years.刚走进第十二个农历月,闻到了淡淡的岁月的味道。

every year i drool with envy, because laba, good drink laba zhou laba. the laba early in the morning, my mom and skilled with dates, walnuts, rice, glutinous rice, millet, rice, red beans, and raisins and a deep sense of affection boiled sweet and delicious porridge, smell let my words "flies straight down 3000 feet", steaming laba porridge served, i drink with overflow to the mother a deep sense of motherly love porridge, father looked at the warm and sunny smile, feeling a mountain of father sea motherly love, my heart like a shrub with sweet honey, which is in the taste, sweet and warm.


"children don't greedy, over the years is laba." yes, just drink sweet rice porridge, i soon came to the month, 23, ushered in a new festival eve. our home new year, and sweep the house, eat candy, stick grilles of customs, we have just moved into a new home, not to clean the house, so early in the morning i and father and mother went to the supermarket bought luk fook grilles and a bag of candy. stick grilles is mother's work, i prefer to eat candy, especially of candy, so back home, i couldn't wait to open bags of candy, out of a sticky candy, to eat them with relish, the candy tastes fragrant and sweet, which is in the taste of happiness.


"bid farewell to the" xiaonian "bid farewell to the old year, ushered in the new year's eve to celebrate chinese new year", new year's eve new year's eve fell, i and father and mother cheerfully around a table reunion dinner. outside lights, ear guns constantly. in front of behind the bloom blossoming strands of fragrance, a tree flowers bright gorgeous convey deep spring breath; the hyacinth house jiaoyanyudi contests, the room filled with rich fragrance. although i am a child of a habit of going to bed early, but the night on new year's eve my eyes water lingling to watch, "spring festival" has been to see twelve haven't sleepy, dad joked me "chameleon". new year's bell sounded, my father and i point rang long firecrackers, with us, "snapping!" sound of firecrackers, every household in the fireworks are ringing, light up, really is "loud firecracker of bang of pi pi bang, flamboyant fireworks beautiful", sound of firecrackers in the sky over fabric flashing, rising, flying, accompanied by yang scraps of paper and the sky hazy smoke everywhere, one after another to rang out in the night; fireworks blossoming bloom in the sky, bloom, sparkle, mix beautiful let dizzying... this is the taste of the year - happy auspicious.

“告别“小年”辞旧岁,迎来了新年前夜的庆祝中国新年,除夕除夕夜的降临,我和爸爸妈妈高兴地围着餐桌吃团圆饭。外灯,耳枪不断。后面的花绽放的缕缕清香,一树花的灿烂绚丽的传达出浓郁的春的气息;风信子家娇艳欲滴的比赛,房间里充满了浓郁的香味。虽然我是一个习惯早睡的孩子,但是除夕之夜我的眼睛水零陵看,“春节”已经看到十二还没有睡意,爸爸开玩笑说我“变色龙”。新年的钟声响起,我的父亲和我点了一声长长的爆竹声,与我们一起,“抢购!”鞭炮声中,在烟花的每一户都是响当当的,亮起来,真的是“pi pi嘭的一声响亮的爆竹,耀眼的烟花美丽”,鞭炮声在织物闪烁,升上天空,飞行,伴随着杨纸屑和天空朦胧的烟雾,一个接一个地响在晚上;烟花朵朵绽放在天空,绽放,闪耀,千姿百态美丽让目不暇接…这是一年的味道--幸福吉祥。

sleepless nights, brilliantly illuminated reunion to the fifteen lantern festival, new year is nearing completion. i and father and mother surrounded in the kitchen, mother white glutinous rice flour mixed pure water knead the dough soft and tender, made of glutinous rice skin one by one, our family together with glutinous rice bag a fruit filling glutinous rice balls to do, you a i a, who is doing it round and good-looking. put into boiling water to cook, with the warm water vapor, transpiration out of the sweet sweet, transpiration out of a happy life. eat sweet dumplings, i and father and mother to see the lantern show, street people mountain people sea stream, a variety of lanterns beautiful lifelike, tiger, peacock lamp; nine dragon wall and zodiac lamp... because this year is the year of the horse, there is a lot of light around the horses do, have bajun noisy spring, with horses; horse chengxiang, kinmen and matsu to send a blessing... these lamps some in the air, some in the water, some in the tree, some in the tower, using new modern light art, multi effect of lighting equipment, with beautiful lighting project, to create a one colorful magnificent "lighting dream world. this is the taste of the year - brilliant.


this is the taste of sweet, warm years, happy, auspicious, shine with great splendor.这是品味甜蜜、温馨的岁月,幸福、吉祥、闪耀着伟大的光辉。

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